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MGNREGA Works List:- Citizens can view the MGNREGA work list via an online platform called the MGNREGA Works List. Established by the Central Government in 2005, MGNREGA stands for Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act. A variety of employment is offered to people in rural areas under this programme, enabling them to support themselves financially without engaging in unskilled labour. Read below to check the detailed information related to the NREGA Works List.

MGNREGA Works List

MGNREGA Works List 2024

The MNREGA Works list can be found online. We can see which duties fall under it from the comfort of our own homes. The Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme is used for a lot of tasks. . It includes a wide range of tasks, such as building a house, doing irrigation-related labour, and doing sanitation-related work.  The list of tasks assigned under MGNREGA has been made public by the Ministry of Rural Development. Only projects authorised by India’s Ministry of Rural Development may be executed. The government has recently begun accepting payments for the NREGA works online. By going to, the official MGNREGA website, interested persons can simply view this list.

Nrega Job Card List

NREGA Works List Details in Highlights

NameMGNREGA Works List
Initiated ByUnion Ministry of Rural Development
BeneficiariesIndian Citizens
ObjectiveTo offer citizens an online platform to Access the MGNREGA Works List  
Official Website

MGNREGA Works List Objective

The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, launched the MGNREGA Job Card List, an online project whose primary goal is to make the list of different occupations that will be offered under MGNREGA accessible to the nation’s residents. Any Indian citizen can simply obtain information about the MGNREGA agenda and payment through this initiative, saving them time and effort by avoiding the need to visit any offices or departments.

Significance of MGNREGA Works List

The Union Ministry of Rural Development’s MGNREGA Works List is an essential component of the MGNREGA Scheme. Every national can conveniently learn about the different agendas offered under the MGNREGA system while sitting at home thanks to this online service. For 100 days during the financial year, local labour is offered to villagers enrolled under the MGNREGA Act. The citizens will save money and time with this online service, and the system will become more transparent. With the help of MGNREGA, registered rural workers can generate income for their subsistence without engaging in unskilled labour.

Nrega Payment List

New Permissible MGNREGA Works List

The new permissible MGNREGA Works List is given below:

  • Work of House Construction under PMAY-G Scheme
  • Irrigation related Works
  • Plantation Works
  • Lining of water courses or feeder Canal for community
  • Navigation Works
  • Play Ground Construction Works
  • Repair and Maintenance Works
  • Construction of Anganwadi multi unit toilets and other rural infrastructure
  • Renovation of traditional water bodies
  • Construction of Bharat Nirman Rajeev Gandhi Sewa Kendra
  • Rural Connectivity Works
  • Construction of Food Grain Storage Building
  • Soil and Water Conservation and Water Harvesting Works
  • Rural Sanitation Works
  • Drought Proofing Works
  • Maintenance of Block and Bund Plantation
  • Land Development Works
  • Flood Control and Protection Works
  • Rural Drinking Water Works
  • Line Planation of Coastal Shelter Belt Trees and Horticulture trees in fields
  • Maintenance of Roadside Tree Plantation
  • Construction of Strom Water drain for Coastal Areas

Features & Benefits of MGNREGA

Some of the key features and benefits of the MGNREGA are as follows:

  • Interested employees can obtain their MGNREGA Job Card by visiting the MGNREGA website.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Job Card is the popular name for the MGNREGA programme, which is mostly used by low-income rural families.
  • This employment card list contains all the information that is required regarding the employee’s tenure and pay.
  • If workers under the MGNREGA program are not given work within 15 days, the government pays them an employment payment.
  • Applicants can now quickly download this list while at home by looking up their name in the list
  • The MNREGA facilities have all been made digitally accessible by the government, enabling residents to access all program-related information from any location at any time.
  • To learn more about this programme, including updates and details, candidates should visit the Ministry of Rural Development’s official website at

Steps to Download MGNREGA Job Card

To download the MGNREGA Job Card, the user needs to follow the below given steps:

  • First of all, go to the official website of MGNREGA Works List i.e.,
  • The homepage will open
  • Now, click on the MGNREGA Works List
  • A new page will open with a list of different states and union territories
  • Now, select your state
  • A new page will open
  • Now, enter your financial year, district, block, panchayat, etc
  • After that, click on the Proceed button
  • A new page will open with the name list of all the benefited workers
  • Click on your name and the MGNREGA Job Card will open on your screen
  • Now, download the MGNREGA Job Card for future reference
What is the official website of MGNREGA Works List?

The official website of MGNREGA Works List is

What is the main aim of MGNREGA Works List?

To provide a website for citizens to access the MGNREGA Works List

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