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Voter ID Status:- To cast a ballot, every citizen who is older than eighteen years old must apply for a voter ID card, which is a form of government-approved identity verification. After applying for the card, there are several ways to check the status of your voter ID online. Read the article below to learn some specifics on how to check the status of your voter ID application.

Track Voter ID Status

Voter ID Card Status 2024

General elections are held in India every five years regularly. Voting for their preferred leader in these elections is one way eligible persons exercise their right to vote. Every voter possesses a legitimate identity document in the form of an official voter ID card that was issued by the Indian government. After submitting your application to receive a voter ID card, you have the option to monitor its status online or offline.

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Different Methods to Track Voter ID Status

A few years ago, you had to physically visit the election office to find out the status of your voter ID registration if you wanted to follow the development of your voter ID application. There was no other method to determine if your application was being processed, canceled, or in transit. That being said, the Indian government has since developed more user-friendly methods for monitoring your application.

There are three ways you can monitor the status of your application:

  • Online using the official website of the ECI.
  • Using your mobile via SMS.
  • Calling the helpline number.

Track Voter ID Status via National Voters Service Portal

  • The ways to check the status of your voter ID using the NVSP site are as follows:
  • Open the voter portal or national voter’s service portal.
  • Select the ‘Track Status’ option.
  • Enter the “Reference ID” and Form No. that you were given while registering for voter ID.
  • The status will show up on the screen.

Check the Status of Your Voter ID Card Online (ECI)

You can find all the information you need about your application on a newly developed website by the Indian government that is dedicated to voter ID information. Voter ID tracking online has been made extremely easy; all you have to do is go to the state election commission’s official website. The data you submit online to check the status of your voter ID should correspond with the data you submitted when applying. Any inconsistency or mistakes could prevent you from receiving the accurate card status and could result in an unsuccessful outcome.

The steps to be followed for checking the status are as follows:

  • Go into the official website of the electoral CEO.
  • The “Know the Status of Your Application for Enrollment” tab should be selected. Upon selecting this link, a window appears requesting some of the form’s fundamental information, like the Form number.
  • Complete all the relevant fields accurately.
  • Alternatively, you can use the National Voters Service Portal and click on the ‘Search your name in electoral roll’ tab.
  • There are two ways you can follow your application after the link opens:
  • Using the distinct EPIC number or your application number: The website has a feature where you may input your state and EPIC card number, and the search will yield your name and EPIC card number.
  • Constituency-wise search by state or district: Along with other information, you must provide your name, the state you are in, and the district constituency you are a member of. The status of your voter ID card will be shown in the search result.
  • The following information must be entered accurately when checking the status of your voter ID online: 
  • Name, Gender, Date of Birth, State, District Constituency, and Father’s or Husband’s name.

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Check Voter ID Card Status via SMS

One of the most crucial legal documents that people require is voter identification. It not only enables them to exercise their right to vote but also functions as a crucial document for proving their residence and identity. Once a customer reaches the age of 18, they can obtain a Voter ID.

Voter ID applications can be submitted online or by visiting the local electoral office, among other options. After clients have submitted an online, over-the-phone, or SMS application for their Voter ID status.

People must take the actions listed below to use SMS to verify the status:

  • Clients must first ascertain their Voter ID application number.
  • They must text their Voter ID application number and the word “EPIC” followed by a space.
  • The Electoral Officer should obtain the aforementioned information and then determine the voter ID status.
  • Type: EPIC Your Voter ID Application Number
  • SMS the above message to the electoral officer.

The following is a list of phone numbers for specific cities where you can use SMS to check the status of your voter ID card:

StateText format Number
Andhra PradeshVOTE< space >voter ID number9246280027
ChandigarhBTH< space >voter ID number9216164606
BiharELE< space >voter ID number56677
KeralaELE< space >voter ID number54242 | 537252
KarnatakaKAEPIC< space >voter ID number9243355223
OdishaCEOODI< space >voter ID number9238300131
Uttar PradeshUPEPIC< space >voter ID number9212357123
tamil naduEPIC< space >Voter ID number9211728082
West BengalWBEC< space >voter ID number51969

Note: If a voter ID card needs to be corrected or duplicates are issued, the aforementioned numbers can be utilized to monitor the application status. There isn’t an SMS tracking system for newly applied voter ID cards. There are further choices, such as checking the status online.

Check the Status of Your Voter ID Application by Name

On the page of the Election Commission of India’s official website, anyone can check the status of their voter ID application by entering their name, father’s name, gender, age, district name, and state of the constituency.

Check the Status of Voter ID Corrections

To find out the status of the correction, use the reference number you were given when filing Form 8 (either online or offline). To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the national voter service portal, which offers a variety of services linked to voter ID on its official website, the National Voter Portal (NVPS).
  • Input the reference number you were given when submitting Form 8 (online or offline).
  • Make sure that the reference number is correct and free of any missing or misplaced letters or digits.
  • Select ‘Track Status’ to view the outcomes. The kind of status result you can see will depend on how far along your application is.
  • If the application is in a pending position and not processed, you can bookmark the website to come back to it at a later time.
  • You can also use your BSNL or MTNL phone to track the status of your voter ID by dialling 1950.
How can you find out if your enrollment application is pending?

Navigate to the “Know the Status of Your Application for Enrollment” link on the home page of the CEO website for each state.

How much time does it take to add a new address to an ID?

It usually takes two to three weeks for the adjustments to be made to the voter ID once the applicant applies.

What information is needed to verify the voter ID’s status?

You must specify your state and the reference number you were given when you completed the voter ID application to find out the status of your voter ID.

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